1. Event Management

    An important aspect of any large marketing campaign contains some form of direct contact with the potential customers. This contact plays an essential role in establishing your brand with its core audience. Therefore it is vital that these events are creative, professional and offer an experience you will never forget. Throughout the years, Gamevibes has built up a network of prime locations, suppliers and industry contacts to enable us to create award-winning events at an affordable price. The creative team behind these events is also the driving force behind our own events such as the Antwerp eSports Festival or Gameland.

    Gameland is a recurring trade fair in the Benelux for publishers and hardware vendors to showcase their games and products. It combines a traditional, but often boring games fair with the interactive world of an amusement park. In its first year, Gameland welcomed over 18,000 visitors to the event, which took place in Bobbejaanland.
    The Antwerp eSports Festival is the most competitive gaming tournament in the Benelux, with a total prize package of €75,000 already handed out to teams from over 37 different countries and three different continents. The prime location of this event (Hilton Antwerp, Stuurboord, ...) coupled with a national and international media attention makes this a high priority event in the list for gamers from across the globe.

    Gamevibes has a wide expertise and can help you with:

    • Product Launches
    • Location Hunting
    • Event Sponsorships
    • Brand Activations

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